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TropiBowls Catering Options

After many requests and demands from our Tropifam, we are pleased to finally announce Tropibowls Catering! From Corporate Events to Weddings, Tropibowls has you covered. With plenty of options to choose from including our Famous Açaí Bowls, Egg Sandwiches, Salads & Rice Bowls the possibilities are endless.

Best of all, your order has never been easier to place! Simply go to and click order now, it’s that easy. Our staff will reach out to confirm your order of course, to ensure you get the best experience possible! And with our fully customizable catering packages, you can count on us to deliver the fresh & healthy food you have grown to love.

It doesn’t stop there, we also offer our Coffee Carts and bars. Fully stocked with all dairy products, sugars and sweeteners for you and all your guests. We currently offer three different options, with many more to come.

Barn Cart - The Perfect coffee cart for a barn type of event especially if you are looking for something for the GRAM this is the way to go!

Retro Cart - Our Retro Cart is perfect for any Rustic Themed event, whether indoor or outdoor!

LED Cart - Hosting a Modern or Club themed event? Let our LED Cart light up your night! With Branding options and several segments available to create a wider bar, your event will be next level with Tropibowls.

We also offer our Smoothie Stations and are always readily available for any event no matter how big or small. A sink is required to keep our blenders clean and ready for the next guests’ smoothie! Build your own smoothie, or select one of our signature smoothies you have grown to love so much!

In addition to our Coffee Carts and Smoothie Stations, we also offer our Acai Bowl Stations as well! Equipped with all fresh fruits, toppings and tasty drizzles for every single one of your guests & we will have plenty extra since you can't just get one bowl!

If you ever have any questions, we are just a call away and can also be contacted directly through our website at We look forward to serving you and your guests, and we hope to see you soon at your local TropiBowls.

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